[Karachi] Government official physically assaults renowned eye surgeon, female senior medical officer

In a complaint submitted in Newtown Police Station, Dr. Ali has requested police to lodge a case against major Khizar, a government officer in Karachi.

In a highly disturbing incident, a government official allegedly beat up a renowned eye surgeon, Dr. Azam Ali, in Karachi’s private hospital.

In a complaint submitted in the Newtown Police Station, Dr. Ali has requested police to lodge a case against major Khizar, a government officer in Karachi.

The eye surgeon said, “Khizar’s wife had undergone eye surgery at my hospital. However, yesterday, Khizar entered my clinic and insulted and pushed the hospital’s senior medical officer, Dr. Shahnila.”

Dr. Ali further said that when he interfered and tried to stop the act, the government official hit him in the face so hard and his spectacles broke.

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A social activist, Jibran Nasir, also shared the incident on his Facebook, saying, “A senior eye surgeon, Dr. Azam Khan of LNH, was assaulted by a patient’s husband, Major Khizer. The patient’s surgery resulted in a scratch which isn’t unusual and can heal, but the husband deemed it fit to assault the doctor in front of his staff”.

Jibran added, “A friend’s mother who is also a patient of the doctor was also present who witnessed the entire incident.”

A senior eye surgeon #DrAzamKhan of LNH was assaulted by a patient's husband, Major Khizer, yesterday as the surgery…

Posted by Mohammad Jibran Nasir on Wednesday, March 10, 2021

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  • Army will not address this issue because it will lower the ‘moral’ of its officers. Had it been any civilized and democratic country, this major would have not only been discharged from his duties but would have been jailed too.

  • Wrong news caption by Siasat. Pk. The correct heading was “Army Officer physically assaults a renowned eye surgeon”. Army officers are not considered as government officers by common man.

  • Army totally destroyed pakistan in a very cunning way n looting the country like gangsters.

  • The matter obviously need to be investigated. Army officer should be punished if found guilty of violence. However, if the the doctor’s complaint letter to police on hospital’s letterhead (as showing in the post)is genuine, he has confessed his professional negligence by saying ‘patient was moving her her eye during the operation which resulted in “a scratch”. This automatically means the eye surgery caused complication, was this explained appropriately by the doctor to his patient or patient’s relative? Doctor also used a sentence in his complaint letter stating ‘husband alleged senior medical officer for not proving adequate anaesthesia’. Seems like husband is right in his allegation. Patient will keep moving their eye if not adequately anaesthetised. Was the senior medical officer a trained & authorised anaesthetist for eye surgeries?
    I being a Pakistani dr working as consultant in the UK must say that medical profession in Pak is performing at its lowest. Exceptions might be there but broadly speaking for common ppl hospitals are like scary police stations and staff including drs are like corrupt police officers. I personally have been a victim of verbal abuse by a so called (no formal training/degree) anaesthetist & gynaecologist upon asking a simple ques regarding the indications for emergency c-section on a closed relative. The behaviour of the hosp staff I encountered & subsequently the relatives endured was just of a mafia.

    • well said, but this does not mean that the patients husband should beat up the doctor. How many times did you get beaten up in UK?

    • You can’t take law into your hands and start beating doctors. Rest assured, Army will not investigate it. They say that if they punish uniformed men in cases against civilian, it lowers the moral of their soldiers.

      BTW, why should Army investigate the matter when the incident happened in a civil hospital which was outside the cantonment area? Why shouldn’t police investigate the matter and handcuff the major if found guilty?

  • Wah dr ahmed sahab wah belonging with a doctor community even not knowing the full fact u did the justice and blame the doctor, u took your mbbs degree from this soil not from uk everyone here is not like u blame whole of medical community in Pakistan jail and police station if u have so much dard come here and serve your people hats off to that doctor inspite of knowing the fact people like u blame him he mentioned full story not hiding his part. It does not means if we concider it as negligence u may start beating a senior doctor
    kitne fauji pitte dekhe hai apne kitne syasatdan pitte dekhen hain apne kitne buerocrates ne maar khai hai yahan Pakistan bs doctor ka gala kamzoor hai to maro use jab dil chahe it is is because you go outside its the reason apko apni izzat r waqar pyara tha ap bhag gye yahan se r bahar beth kr bateen krrahe come here and face the reality my dear that doctor is FRCS not somthing like simple degree please if you cant do anything dont say anything specially for those who are already hopeless and helpless…. Kam az kam hath nhi utha sakte to awaaz to utha sakte ho dil mn bura janna bhi imaan ka sab se kamzor hissa hai

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