Government decides to ‘outsource’ airports to improve facilities, boost tourism

The issue of appointment of the SECP chairman is also currently under discussion.

Heavy Rainfall Leaves The Islamabad International Airport In A Devastating State

The federal government of Pakistan has announced to outsource its major airports  because of poor management.

The proposal of outsourcing Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi airports came from the Aviation Division. The department said that to boost tourism, attract more foreign investment, and to improve the overall image of Pakistan, it is imperative to improve the condition of the airports.

The new management would be in charge of improving the facilities at international terminals. It has also been proposed to separate the regulatory structure for the aviation industry, management, and landing functions under the new aviation policy.

Currently, only one private company is looking after the facilities at the Sialkot International Airport. Other than that, all the major terminals are presently being run by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

To be outsourced to an Arab country

According to the sources, the government could outsource some of the operations to an Arab country. The earlier proposals suggested outsourcing only specific affairs to Qatar or the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In addition to this, the issue of appointment of the Securities and Exchange Policy (SECP) Board chairman is also currently under discussion of the Federal Cabinet. The finance ministry has suggested the name of Masood Naqvi for the post.

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  • I am extremely happy about this

    Gov’t insititutes are very corrupt

    This will make our airports International standard IA

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