Government Remains Inactive As Heatwave Continues To Swelter Karachi For Fourth Consecutive Year

In another deadly attack of the heat wave in Karachi, at least 65 people lost their lives.

Two Edhi Foundation morgues in Sohrab Goth and Korangi received 114 bodies in last three days, out of which 65 lost their lives. As the summers get extreme with the hellish sun burning on Karachi, the city sees the unforgiving heat wave for the fourth consecutive year now.

What’s more unfortunate is despite the city facing the damages every year, Sindh government fails to do anything about it. No awareness campaigns were arranged to aware people about the possible damages and how to minimize them. Neither any water camps were set nor were significant plantation drives organized to reverse the environmental damage.

Faisal Edhi from Edhi Foundation said that most of the people lost their lives in their homes and they were aged between 6 years and 78 years. He said the reason is that people failed to avail medical facilities on time, resulting in deaths.
“People did not get medical help on time, which resulted in their death,” – Faisal said.
Calling it a crisis of severe magnitude, Faisal said that morgue in Korangi receives 10 to 11 dead bodies on average per day.

However, Dr Fazlullah Pechuho, Sindh Health Secretary rejected that any of them died due to heatstroke. Fazlullah said that pre-existing ailments contributed to the deaths of the majority of these people, while hospital sources declined to comment.

“Only doctors and hospitals can decide whether the cause of death was heat stroke or not. I categorically reject that people have died due to heat stroke in Karachi’’ – says Dr Pechuho.

The extreme temperate is expected to prevail in Karachi till May 23, as the city continues to swelter in the grip of the heatwave. Karachi’s Mayor has requested the citizens to stay indoors and take precautionary measures while the crisis prevails.

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