Government spent Rs527m on security arrangements of Maulana’s sit-in

The expense of security in the government capital was more than Rs527.60m.

  • Roughly, 19,000 personnel were called to improve security before and during the sit-in.
  • The everyday expenses of residence, food, and drinks for these officials added up to 30 million rupees
  • Metro suffered damage worth Rs3.30m due to Maulana’s sit-in.


It cost Rs. 527 million to the national exchequer to enact security measures and keep the participants of Azaadi March at bay.

The protest, initiated by the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F), had the objective to pressurize the establishment and demand resignation from PM Khan. The sit-in concluded on Wednesday after JUI-F’s leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman chose to act on ‘Plan B’.

According to the new arrangement, JUI-F was supposed to block roads all across Pakistan.

Maulana Fazlur Rehman, along with his party workers, locked-down Islamabad. To stop JUI-F protestors from entering the Red Zone, the government placed around 680 containers. The lease had been settled at Rs0.5m per compartment, which converted into Rs71.40 million altogether.

Roughly, 19,000 personnel from the Frontier Corps (FC), police and other security personnel from different cities were called to perform their duty before and during the sit-in.

The everyday expenses of residence, food, and drinks for these officials added up to 30 million rupees, as per the city management, adding to Rs450m for 15 days.

Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro transport

As indicated by Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro transport activities supervisor, Shumaila Mohsin, Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro transport was suspended from October 31 to November 15 because of Maulana’s sit-in, suffering damage worth Rs3.30m every day.

Because of Metro transport suspension, the residents of twin cities were additionally enduring the worst part of the protest. Citizens had to contract taxis and online ride-hailing services for commuting in the twin cities. The absolute expense of security in the national capital was more than Rs527.60m.

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