Government starts crackdown against medicine price hike, price verification portal to be introduced

The recent price hike in medicines and unavailability of certain life-saving drugs has risen concerns of people. The pharmaceutical store owners say that the situation has gotten to a point where people leave the store after asking for the price.

To address the rising concern, the federal government has ordered an operation against firms that are illegally increasing prices. Aamer Mehmood Kiani, minister NHS (National Health Services) has ordered a crackdown against ventures.

”Though the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) deals with the matter, as a government representative, I consider myself responsible for providing relief to the masses and answerable to them. I am personally looking into the matter and would not tolerate an illegal and unauthorized increase in the prices of medicines” – the minister said. 

The minister said that the DRAP authorities only allowed a few companies to increase prices, but taking advantage of the situation, others have increased the cost. They will have to face strict consequences for it.

“I will not spare them, as patients suffer because of it. Moreover, we have decided to introduce an online facility through which people would be able to verify the prices of medicines.” – he added.

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The ministry has received complaints that some companies have increased the medicine prices above the approved maximum retail prices by the federal government.

The letter advised the provincial authorities to regulate prices and they should not be higher than the maximum approved prices. Back in January, the federal government approved an increase in the retail prices of 889 drugs. The companies were allowed a price increase of 9 per cent of the notified rates.

The ministry ordered to take legal action under Drugs Act, 1976, and the Drap Act, 2012. The government also planning on launching an online portal to make price verification easier.
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