Government To Give Polio Vaccinations To Kids Till The Age Of 10

The government of Pakistan has decided to administer the polio vaccinations itself and provide them to the children till the age of 10 in their upcoming campaigns.

Previously, the age limit for administration of polio drops was five years. The decision has been taken after a new case of polio surface last week. It must be kept in consideration that Pakistan is one of the two countries that is still plagued by polio when the rest of the world has completely eliminated it. Pakistan has been celebrating the end of polio for two years but eight cases were recently reported, leaving the authorities absolutely shocked.

After the recent case, the government has decided to adopt a zero-tolerance against polio. Polio drops will be administered to all children coming from Afghanistan and AJK (Azad Jammu & Kashmir) on a priority basis. The polio workers will also be going to government and private school to administer the polio fighting vaccine. Additionally, the district campaign against smallpox, measles, tetanus and whooping coughs will continue till February 16th.

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The same vaccines teams were also directed to administer polio drops during the ongoing campaign. Not only this, but the relevant authorities have also taken strict and serious notice against families that are declining the provision of polio drops to their children. The authorities have advised the workers to make effort to persuade these families through all possible means. However, if the parents still decline and choose not to vaccinate their child the authorities may also take serious action against them to set a precedent and encourage parents to opt out for polio vaccinations.

The recent case was reported in Punjab after two years. An eight months old affected Yashif was vaccinated immediately after his birth. The health professionals later confirmed that he had been diagnosed with paralysis in his right leg.

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