Government to launch “Darust Daam” app to control prices in Islamabad

This app will also have a feature through which users of the app can complain racketeering by shopkeepers.

  • The government has appointed price magistrate all across Islamabad to ensure adherence to the official price list by government.
  • Citizens will be able to view the latest updates of necessary items like fruits, vegetables, and poultry products.Darust Daam

Darust Daam app

Administration of Islamabad along with the National Information Technology Board will launch an app “darust daam”. The app will have the official rates of the goods to control overcharging by shopkeepers.

This app would be used to view the prices of necessary items daily. in addition, citizens will be able to view the latest updates of essentials products like fruits, vegetables, and poultry products.

This app will also have a feature through which users of the app can lodge a complaint about racketeering by shopkeepers. In case of any crackdown administration will directly be involved.

According to the official, the government has appointed a price magistrate who will inspect their respective areas all across Islamabad. They will make sure that shopkeepers will not charge extra. In case of any embezzlement, profiteers will be punished.

Recently many complaints have been lodged where retailers are overcharging citizens. Many sellers provide a rate list to the customers, which is released by the government, whereas not every retailer follows this practice.

Breath of fresh air

Furthermore, this situation is inconvenient for the citizens. The initiative taken by the government will solve the problems faced by the customers. This app will help people and keep them updated with the latest price list on a daily basis.

This is a much-needed refresher for the citizens of Islamabad, as the legislature has now given free assistance. Moreover, administration will directly notify customers about their costs and on the off chance that any retailer is, found over-charging then he can effectively be reported through the complaint portal on the “Darust Daam”.

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  • I’m happy to see that the government is on it’s toes about any issues that are out there. Please be patient and give them sometime

  • Here PQ is not running according to Bay rate list. Everyone has their own rate. Swan neck in Islamabad.
    Action should be taken against them.

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