Government to promote ‘chip technology’ in 9 universities of Punjab

The announcement was made during the seminar at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET).

chip technology

The Punjab Minister for Higher Education, Raja Yassir Humayun Sarfraz, said that the government has been planning to promote chip technology at nine universities in the province.

The announcement was made during  seminar at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET).

While considering the possible integration of microchips and nanochips with universities in Pakistan, the Minister noted that the provincial government initially plans to promote the technology at nine well-known universities and added that the UET Lahore would lead on this project.

Besides the UET Lahore campus, other institutes, including the UET Taxila, the ITU Lahore, and the Islamia University Bahawalpur, will also raise awareness regarding chip technology in Punjab.

The project, once executed, will provide the universities access to the software tools, and their nominated faculty will receive training on these tools.

The trained faculty will then develop a curriculum and promote this technology by making it part of their course work and providing training to students.

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  • Skill development or other developments for punjab.
    But missile testing, atomic testing, capturing resources from Balochistan.
    Phur kehtay hai, hamay Pakistani bab k sochna chahiye.

    • Do not mind, but education is a provincial subject and while commenting, you must understand that he is education minister for Punjab not center.
      Do not blame other for your own failure. It is easy to blame Government’s for failure, what you have done for your success. For my failure, i will blame myself not Government.

  • Only theoretical will not make any difference.
    We need to work for practical.
    Until there are no manufacturing plants and units in Pakistan, it will be a fruitless effort.

  • Its looks interesting and encouraging but resource capacity will not be available to learn and go deep in this field. This is certainly beyond the capacity of this country. I am in this field over the past 30 years and knows how much it cost (chip development experimentally) but software design tools are fairly cheap to learn basics and develop knowledge in this area.
    I certainly wish good luck !!!
    Prof. Dr. M Nawaz

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