Government to provide free assistive devices under Ehsas Program


  • Surveys reported that 2.5 percent population of Pakistan comprises differently abled persons; Dr. Sania Nishtar.
  • The government will provide free white canes to visually impaired and wheelchairs to the paralyzed under Ehsas Program, said the chairperson of the Ehsas Program.
  • PTI government will make sure the appointment of abled-persons against the fixed quota of 2 percent.
  • 1 percent quota will be reserved for differently abled persons in Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, she further announced.
  • Any project pertaining to infrastructure, production or social sector must be made disability sensitive; Planning Commission of Pakistan.
Free of cost assistive devices will be provided to the deaf, visually impaired and to the others with a serious physical disability.

About 5 million people in Pakistan are differently abled persons and this is really a huge number. Most of these abled-persons are visually impaired. Surveys confirmed that around 0.8 to 1 million of these abled-persons are visually impaired, about 0.5 million are deaf. Many more are physically imputed.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, in particular, has approved to issue Insaf Sehat Card to all those abled-persons who are registered with NADRA so that these people will be able to get the free medication in the hospitals that are registered with the Insaf Sehat Programme.

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Universal Health Coverage for disabled people

It is a good initiative for any country to provide universal health coverage to disabled people and the government of Pakistan will provide the same to the disabled people. People who need white canes, the government will make sure the provision of white canes to them free of cost.

Those who cannot walk on their feet either due to some injury or imputation by birth would be given wheelchairs without any charges. But these white canes and wheelchairs will be handover to the disabled only through Insaf card.

Hearing devices for the Deaf

Special hearing devices will be provided to deaf people. These devices will cost not a single penny to special persons. A committee would be established soon for the delivery of these hearing devices. The requests for the provision of hearing aids will be considered under the Tahafuz program. Tahafuz program will start in August or in early September this year. The received applications will be processed within 48 hours to assure the timely assistance for the deserving special people. These assistive devices will help the disabled to lead a normal life.

Issuance of certificates

Disability certificates will be provided to all differently abled persons in accordance with the United Nations classification to make sure the targeted approach in the provision of assistive devices.

Establishment of disability centers

The government will also establish around 20 centers in 20 underdeveloped districts to assist those who need artificial limbs. Dr.Nishtar also said that the implementation of the aforementioned plans will take some time. “This is just the beginning”, she added.
“We will focus on how this program will be expanded and improved with special focus on how we can make sure that there is no corruption in it(program)”, she asserted while explaining the government’s willingness to work for the disabled people in Pakistan. To give facilities to abled persons was also on the agenda of the election campaign of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.

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