Government under Langar scheme aims to work together with private welfare organizations

Pakistan scores very high in philanthropic giving, more than Rs300 billion is directed to welfare annually.

  • The Langar scheme aims to provide hygienic food to the poor of the country.
  • The Saylani Trust already provides over 70,000 meals a day and with government support, this will be doubled.Langar scheme

The langar scheme is the policy introduced by the PTI government under the Ehsaas Program. This scheme makes sure that no person in Pakistan sleeps hungry.

The scheme aims to provide hygienic food to the poor of the country.

Private and Public welfare organizations

The scheme was executed successfully with the help of private and public welfare organizations. Several private charity organizations help to operate langars (soup kitchen) at different government places.

Many welfare organizations are already providing meals on a basic scale, whereas the level can be upgraded significantly with the strategic support and help of the government.

Pakistan is one of those countries who score very high in seeking to promote the welfare and humanitarian work. According to the statistics, more than Rs300 billion are directed towards welfare annually.

Until now government and private welfare organizations never work together. Ehsaas is trying to change that and the government with the help of this program wants to amplify the skills and resources of well-reputed welfare organizations.

Three areas

The government can help these organizations in three different areas regarding langers. First of all, the government should provide lands and premises where the langers are needed most. Secondly, the government can set safety and quality standards and third by spreading information extensively.

The Saylani Trust with the support of government open 112 langers all across Pakistan. As a prototype, one langer was opened in Islamabad, whereas for next langers Thar will be the focus. With the addition to the meals provided by Saylani Trust will be doubled, as for now, Saylani trust is providing 70,000 meals per day.

The government is very much aware that secluded actions and initiative cannot address poverty that is why Ehsaas policy has more than 134 collectively strengthening actions, designed to address various groups.

Langer will restore dignity and self-reliance of those who will otherwise go hungry. They also provide jobs to those who are involved in operations.

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