68 lecturers, who went abroad on govt-funded scholarships, mysteriously ‘go missing’

Action has been taken against these individuals by HEC and the concerned universities.

According to the Higher Education Commission (HEC), 68 lecturers from the public educational institutes of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) sent abroad on foreign scholarships for higher studies have reportedly gone missing. None of the lecturers returned to join their institute when the tenure ended. Regarding this, the HEC chairman said:

The missing lecturers have caused a loss of more than Rs. 1 billion to the national exchequer.

Sources state that 42 of the missing lecturers failed to clear their exams abroad.

Action has been taken against these individuals by The HEC and the concerned universities. The two authorities have collaborated and launched a 25 percent fine on the education expenses of the lecturers. This 25 percent fine amounts to over Rs 10 million on an individual.

Speaking about the matter, Former HEC Chairman Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed said:

There was a proper procedure for availing of a government-funded scholarship. Every lecturer had to submit a surety bond and an agreement, duly attested by a close relative of the candidate.

The Former HEC chairman warned:

If any lecturer does not return after completing his scholarship, then the HEC issues the show-cause notice. The notice reminds the lecturer that he had to continue teaching at his institute for five more years. In case of violation of the agreement, the lecturer has to pay the government’s expense on his scholarship besides also paying a 25 percent fine on it.

Speaking to a media outlet, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed claimed: 

Around eight percent of lecturers go missing after being sent abroad on government-funded scholarships across the country. They start teaching at private institutes.

The former chairman explained that the HEC and concerned institutions could easily bring back such individuals through strenuous and concentrated efforts.

Explaining how the authorities can do that, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed shared an example of a similar lecturer who went missing in Germany during his scholarship. The officials responsible for keeping an eye on him expressed their ignorance regarding his whereabouts. The former Chairman said:

I googled his name and found that he was teaching at a US university. I approached the varsity and narrated the fraud committed by their faculty member, which led to his immediate deportation from the United States.

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  • I salute them to all those who did not come back to Pakistan. At least they have a good future and can polish their skills and utilize their abilities. Here in Pakistan, they have to wast their talent. I earned a Ph.D. from the UK, the top 10 universities in the UK, jobless in Pakistan. I know many Ph.D. who are jobless, doing the menial jobs to survive or working as a visiting faculty earning RS. 1000/hr.
    Rumaisa Khalil Uddin, I would suggest you write a blog about how many Ph.D. are jobless in Pakistan, highlight this rotten system.

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