Govt. to regularize Barbers and Beauty Salons, Here are the licensing requirements

Licenses to operate a beauty salon or barbershop are issued by the health department.

The licensing requirements for opening a beauty salon and barbershop are not much different from the terms and conditions for any other store.

However, a barber or beautician needs a license, which is very essential once a customer sits in the chair. Local and state authorities govern licensing requirements of salons and barbershops, here are some steps that you have to follow.

licensing requirements


The first step is registration, where you need to visit the health department office (DDHO, Secretary DQCB) along with your National Identity Card (CNIC). After verification, you are ready for the second step.


As part of the licensing and permitting process, there will be a licensing exam and facility inspections. The health inspector will more likely to come and inspect your shop (before the three months of your visit for registration completes). In case of any inconvenience, contact the concerned officer of health department.

Temporary license 

In the third step, a temporary license will be issued. You will receive a license within the three months of the health inspector’s visit. Display the license in your shop and contact the concerned health officer in case you did not receive your license in the estimated time.


In the fourth step, you need to train and equip your staff according to the required level and degree. Furthermore, the quality of the equipment will also be tested.

Hepatitis checkup

Before the three months of inspection completes, take all your staff along with their CNIC cards to a nearby hepatitis clinic for the checkup, otherwise you will be charged by the health inspector. Keep the test results with you in duty hours.

Permanent license 

In the last step, a permanent license will be provided. Health inspector will visit the shop every three months so keep the permanent license in your shop.

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