Go Digital: GPS To Be Used To Monitor the ’10 Billion Tree Tsunami plantation programme’

This will help people get in contact with their respective district forest officers (DFOs).

To effectively monitor and evaluate the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami (10BTT) plantation programme, a junior climate change minister has suggested using a GPS or global positioning system and other satellite tools.

State Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul, while talking about this idea, said that the concerned authorities and provincial forest departments had already agreed to it. They have a clear agenda of effectively and fully implementing the 10BTT programme.

The minister added that this will help people get in contact with their respective district forest officers (DFOs), chief commissioners and other officials, which are responsible for planting trees in their domains.

While answering a question, Zartaj Gul said that parliamentarians play a vital role in the success of initiatives such as the 10BTT and ban on the use of plastic bags.

“Unless parliamentarians take the lead in monitoring their constituencies, the issues of poor implementation and price hike of household items cannot be controlled,” she said.

Public awareness ‘needed’:

Zartaj said that she was personally keeping a track of her constituency and keeping herself aware of the situation, for example the price of goods and cost of plantations etc. She said she is coordinating with the district management to ‘provide relief to the masses’.

When talking about the ban on plastic bags, the minister said that without public awareness and education on the matter, the ban cannot succeed.

“The chief ministers of the four provinces have vowed to impose the ban on plastic bags in their provinces with the statutory regulatory order (SRO) imposed by the ministry is easily replicable in the provinces,” she said.

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