Grade-18 Officer Dismissed For Exposing Corruption in the NHS

A grade-18 officer has been shown the door for making statements about the alleged corruption in the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS).

The NHS has rejected the officer’s allegations of being sacked without following legal procedures. According to a source privy to the matter, the officer was dismissed after he issued a statement on his letterhead.

The statement had alleged that the children suffering from typhoid were being treated as guinea pigs on behalf of a foreign company. He had further written that the typhoid vaccine used in the country was an experiment.

Talking to a local media outlet, the dismissed officer, Dr Obaid Ali, said that he has taken the former Drap chief executive officer (CEO) to the court.

“Ministry had submitted a letter to the court stating it had suspended me. As a result, I could not join the office. I had written a number of letters to the ministry but no one bothered to reply. According to rules, the ministry had to publish my picture in newspapers stating that I am missing and should join duty but it was not followed,” he said.

“Though it is alleged that I had talked to the media the fact is that I had sent a number of letters to Prime Minister Imran Khan and the ministry highlighting corruption and malpractices in Drap. According to rules, before giving major penalty of termination, the person leveling allegations has to be cross-questioned. A former Drap CEO had levelled allegations against me but I was not given the chance of cross-questioning him,” the former grade-18 officer added.

Talking about the matter Drap CEO Dr Asim Rauf said that “Only a few persons are authorised to appear in the media but Dr Ali did it without permission.”

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health Dr Zafar Mirza also confirmed that Dr Obaid Ali was dismissed for making statements in the media. He added that following his allegations an official inquiry was conducted after which he was dismissed.


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