Grant Flower Thinks Babar Azam Will ‘Regret’ Taking Over As Captain. Here’s Why

Grant Flower hopes the pressure of captaincy does not weigh too heavily on Babar Azam.

The former batting coach Grant Flower fears Pakistan batsman Babar Azam’s form might be compromised, as there is a lot of pressure that comes with leading the Pakistani team. 

The Zimbabwe cricketer has cautioned Babar about politics and the reaction of fans as both these factors play a crucial role in Pakistan’s cricket. 

Flower was quoted as saying by Stats Perform News, “He’s got a good cricketing brain, but there’s a lot of politics in Pakistan cricket and a lot of pressure from the public.”

He emphasized that being on the filed as a captain is a different experience altogether, you are not just responsible for your individual performance rather for the team and this is a lot of pressure to take. 

Being a former Pakistan batting coach, Flower, shared what made Azam a great batsman.

“I remember when I worked with him for the first time, I threw balls at him at the academy in Lahore, he picked up length so much quicker than the rest of the players and I think that’s the hallmark of a great batsman,” he said.

The 49-year-old also believes Babar tends to break several records and compared him with Indian legend Virat Kohli and Australia’s prolific batsman Steve Smith.

“If you look at some of the best players in the world like Steve Smith, Virat Kohli et cetera, they pick up length quickly and play the ball late, have a great eye and hand-eye coordination. He has that, and I think he is going to break a lot of records,” he said.

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  • He maybe right about this

    remember, Sachin was a failure as a captain despite being one of the best out there.

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