Graphic: Photos of ‘human sacrifice’ in an Indian temple spark fear

In the premises of a temple in Korthikota of Tanakal in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, three people were found dead. Three people were Shivarami Reddy, who was looking after the temple, his sister Kamalamma and Sathyalakshmi, another woman from the same village, the incident is suspected to be a case of black magic and human sacrifice.

The local police found the dead bodies on Monday morning in the Shivalayam, which in under construction as the old temple was destroyed a while back. Two of the three victims were found lying on the ground and on the cot, in a pool of blood. The police were informed by a devotee who came to a temple in the morning.

Although the dead bodies were outside the temple, the blood was splattered all around the Shivalingam inside the temple, the sources reported.

The photos spark fear online:

Human sacrifice: a repetitive sight inside temples

While speaking to TNM, Kadiri Rural Circle Inspector Madhu revealed that they were also inspecting whether the crime scene had been arranged in such a way to shake off the investigations.

“We suspect that someone deliberately tried to influence the investigation by doing some suspicious things after the murders” – he said.

As per the investigation, the murder was done using sharp objects. The investigation, however, is still underway as a murder case has been registered.

“Unidentified persons have killed Shivarami Reddy by causing heavy injuries on his head, as per preliminary investigation. We have roped in the dog squad and clues teams, we will use all the clues to investigate the case from all possible angles” – said Kadiri DySP Srinivasulu.

Given the irregularity of the crime, an officer termed the horrifying case as a ‘treasure hunt’. In another case, a headless body was discovered in Nallamala forest of Kurnool district earlier this week. It is also a suspected incident of human sacrifice.


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