GRAPHIC | Rising Religious Extremism: Student kills teacher over a minor argument about ‘welcome’ party

Just when Mashal Khan day is coming, that reminds us how miserably we have failed to protect our educational institutions against religious extremism and hardline Islamist sentiments, another incident has emerged which is disturbing to the core.

Not only does this speak for how miserable the state has become when it comes to taming people’s hateful sentiments and religious fanaticism, but also presses the need to seriously reflect what our standpoint is. With our patience level dropping to zero and religious sentiments so easily triggered, it is safe to say how unsafe the country has become for the people.

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In the application, he wrote that in an Islamic state such activities are condemnable and they will not let it happen. It is still horrifying to even believe that despite choosing not to attend the party, the student chose to murder his own teacher over it.

Murdered Professor Khalid Hameed


Here is the FIR of the incident, which states that the professor was killed after being repeatedly attacked by knives.


~ This is a developing story. Will be updated accordingly.
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