Man Beats Daughter in Makkah and Posts Video on Social Media

The little can be heard crying and begging, "Baba, I am your daughter Baba."

Saudi authorities on Wednesday arrested a father after footage of him beating his young daughter circulated on social media.

The father, in his 40s, shackled his 5-year old daughter in their home and filmed the beating before posting the video online. This was according to a spokesperson for the police force in the locality of Makkah Al Mukarramah, Major Mohammed Al Ghamidi.

In the heart-wrenching video, which is 2 minutes and 19 seconds long, the girl can be seen lying on the floor on her stomach while a ladder is placed on top of her.

Her father then shackles and attaches her to the ladder before whipping her sensitive parts.

She can be heard crying and begging, “Baba, I am your daughter Baba.”

The authorities discovered the father’s identity, Al Ghamidi said, leading to his arrest and referral to the kingdom’s Public Prosecution.

Although the crime is not yet established to be an incident of gender-based violence, it comes when the abuse of female partners or relatives is being increasingly scrutinized in recent months.

In July this year, protests erupted in neighboring Jordan after a father killed his daughter in an apparent “honor killing.”

Correction: A previous version of this article referred to the man as Saudi. The man is now confirmed to be a Burmese national living in Makkah.

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  • Look, I didn’t have the heart to watch it. I can watch the beheading, but I can’t watch a little girl being beaten merciless. I have my limits.

  • I cannot bring myself to watch it after 10 secs, being a father of 5 year old. This Shaytan, Khabees, son of a bitch should be lashed publicly. I have never seen such a heart wrenching video in years 🙁

  • My heart is tearing apart. I wish I could be there to tear this guy apart. This guy deserves no mercy.

    • You are stupid man.
      It happened in Saudi Arabia.
      Why you are mentioning Pakistan.
      Why you stupid defaming Pakistani?

  • استغفر الله ، عاقب الله هذا الطاغية ، وأطلب من الحكومة معاقبة هذا الشخص بشدة حتى لا تتكرر مثل هذه الحادثة مرة أخرى ، شجع الله هذه الفتاة ورحمها الله.

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