Groom Jumps In Water To Save A Drowning Child. We Guess “It was just his Day”!

Groom Jumps In Water To Save A Drowning Child. We Guess “It was just his Day”!

The world witnessed a one of a kind example of love for humanity and compassion this past Friday, when a suited groom jumped in water to save a drowning kid.

The incident took place in Victoria Park Kitchener, Canada. Clayton Cook, who was having his wedding photo shoot done saw a child who slipped in water while playing, struggling to get himself out.

Clayton was present on the bridge with his newly wed wife Brittany Cook taking photographs. Upon noticing the kid, he ran off the bridge and jumped in the water.

The photographer Darren Hatt says that he was the ‘last one’ to see anything. By the time he realized what was happening, Clayton had already pulled the child out from the river.

Darren however was able to capture the heartwarming scene when Clayton was helping the little lad compose himself.

This moving and soul-stirring episode spread across social media like wildfire, with a lot of warm wishes and appreciation for the Groom’s bravery and solicitude from each part of the world.

Clayton’s wife Brittany said that she isn’t even slightly surprised about what happened, because she knew that her husband will exactly act the same way in this situation.

She further said that she is thankful that Clayton was able to help the child, as the things could have been different if they weren’t present at the right place on the right time.

Clay went on with his wedding events in the same clothes, without even changing his wet clothes and shoes.

How beautiful is that? The couple definitely is lucky to get bundles of warm wishes and love for their future life from people across the globe, regardless of the nationalities. We wish the same!

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