Groom Who Showered Riyals And Dollars On Wedding Guests Gets In Trouble As FBR Takes Notice – Read HERE

Marriage is probably the most significant event in the subcontinent in particular. As it is said to be an initiation of a new bond between not only two individuals but two families, the event is celebrated in a similar manner as well with everyone doing the maximum contribution.

Well, sometimes things get a little too absurd and in the age of social media, everything goes viral. Couple days back a unique wedding celebration made the headlines. In Tehsil Shujahbad, Multan, the groom Muhammad Arshad’s  family showered not rupees, but riyals and dollars on the guests. Stunned yet? Well, it is not the only thing that the guests were blessed with! New cell phones were also gifted to the people who were waiting for their arrival.

But this celebration kind of got them in a little trouble. Due to such generosity, FBR took notice of the viral wedding and ordered RTO Multan and Bahawalpur to investigate the assets of both groom and the bride. According to initial information, the groom has 8 brothers. Four of them live in Saudi Arabia and four live in USA (which probably explains the riyals and dollars).

This is not the first time when people have chosen to publically display their wealth on weddings. While previously this practice was enjoyed and appreciated, people’s mindset is changing and is criticized now as they do put the middle class in an unseen unheard competition. Recognizing the impact,  they are frequently discussed and debated on social media platforms as well.

We don’t know what the ‘assets’ might be, but sincerely wish the newlywed couple a happily ever after!

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