Famous UK brand selling clothes made by Pakistani workers ‘who earned 29p an hour’

While making garments to be sold by Boohoo, the amount is below the legal monthly minimum wage of PKR 17,500 for inexperienced labor

  • Pakistani Workers have been making clothes sold by the fast-fashion brand Boohoo to British consumers.
  • The workers earn as little as 29 pennies an hour.

The Guardian report has revealed that Britain’s fast-fashion brand Boohoo has been selling clothes made by Pakistani factory workers.

The report said, “Workers at two factories in Faisalabad claimed they were paid PKR 10,000 a month. While making garments to be sold by Boohoo, the amount is below the legal monthly minimum wage of PKR 17,500 for inexperienced labor.”

Video and photographic proof also appear to support claims of possible safety concerns, including motorbikes being parked indoors next to ignitable materials. In a rush to deliver clothes to the western market, insiders claimed workers would sometimes do 24-hour shifts.

While speaking to The Guardian, one of the factory workers said, “I know we are exploited and paid less than the legal minimum wage, but we cannot do anything. If I quit the job, another person will quickly replace me.”

When the Guardian approached the UK brand about the findings, it suspended a distributor, JD Fashion Ltd, and a factory, AH Fashion, from its supply chain. The company also investigated the allegations.

The AH Fashion, which is closed for construction work, acknowledged it had fulfilled an order for the brand in October.

Boohoo said a third-party audit at the AH Fashion on the 2nd of November found the factory operating with no problems. It later said its own auditors separately visited in response to the accusations and said the facility was a “building site.”

The auditors said the factory owner told them that it had been closed throughout November for construction – a claim opposed by workers who said they were there more recently.

The Guardian also purchased a tracksuit on Boohoo’s website this month that appeared to match fabrics and identifying labels seen in video footage shot at AH Fashion.

A JD label on the tracksuit purchased by the Guardian.


The news comes months after the brand faced the damaging fallout from the discovery of poor conditions in its factories in Leicester.

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  • This type of propaganda hurt pakistans export . We need to improve our wage system rather than blaming the brand or do you want brand to move its production to another country bcoz labor conditions here are worst ?

    • Yes me khud 1 unit me kam krta hun jahan hopscotch.. Maria B.. Aur mukhtalif brand ka kam hota hy

  • as Pakistan exports rises propaganda started. Labor is cheap in Pakistan/India/Bangladesh/Srilanka etc region. They get bonuses, different allowances as well. So guardian need to fully investigation before maligning.

  • India Bangladesh mey to کروڑ rupes deytay hain na jesay…. pakistan ki barhti export market dekhty hway yehi taqlef hoti hy

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