Gun in hands, henna on hands: Picture of a female commando goes viral

Commando from Elite Force of Punjab Police made waves on the internet.

Pakistani women are breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes. And what better way to see it than watching those brave female officers, flaunting a commando uniform. Recently, the entire Pakistani Twitterati has been talking about it!

Holding a gun in hands decorated with henna, female commando from Elite Force of Punjab Police made waves on the internet. While some saw her as an ultimate symbol of bravery, resilience and the strength that Pakistani women bear, others find it difficult to digest as it is not a frequent sight in patriarchal societies like Pakistan.

The Elite Force of Punjab Police specializes in high-risk searches, rescue operations. The officers who are part of this force are specialized in the use of firearms, personal combat, and reconnaissance missions.

Here is the picture that went viral on the internet:

As expected, mixed reactions were seen on the post. While some lauded it, others were quite critical of it.



Women in forces:

According to research by Individualland, women officers face a lot of barriers, from cultural to religious, and the perception of their male counterparts adds to the burden. According to the statistics of in 2015-16, women make up 1% of the police force, contrary to the quota reserved for them, which is 10%.

Recently Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police have decided to increase women representation by 4x. With giving them more opportunities, this will expectedly also increase the confidence of women to report their grievances as well and will positively add to the atmosphere of trust overall. 

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