Gwadar: The Gateway To Emerging Pakistan – 100 Buses Carrying This Message To Promote Gwadar Across London

Hundred double-decker buses will run across different routes of Central London, promoting Pakistan’s Gwadar. A leading Chinese investment group has launched an organized international campaign to promote Gwadar as a lucrative investment destination. In this month-long campaign in the world’s financial capital. London, the buses are meant to send a message to at least 10 million people. A loud and clear statement, ‘’Gwadar: The Gateway To Emerging Pakistan’’ is imprinted on the iconic buses that will carry the strong message from Central London Zone 1 to Zone 4.

Through this movement, the famed Gwadar, Balochistan that is being built under Pak-China Economic Corridor (CPEC) is being celebrated as the next trade hub of South Asia globally and has the potential to rival Dubai in future.
The campaign is sponsored by CPIC, China-Pak Investments Corporation and is the first innovative effort to promote Gwadar outside Pakistan. It is planned to bring world’s giant investors’ attention to the location that is the focal point of Pak-China integration project as well.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor Corporation’s Chief Operations Officer, COO Stuart Reid showed his extreme content, saying that he is happy with the response that the campaign has generated within few hours.
He added that Pakistan is the fastest emerging economy in Asia today, and it is important for the world to know that as well.
“Pakistan is amongst the fastest growing economies in Asia today, it is poised to become the 20th largest economy in the World by 2030 and the world should understand these facts. The difference between Pakistan and other regional competitors today is not capability or potential but negative PR. Pakistan is a land full of opportunity and here at the China Pak Investment Corporation we will bring these opportunities to the forefront for global investors.”

He also gave reference to the article published in The Telegraph a week back, saying Gwadar is the next potential Dubai.

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