‘Hacker tried to sell a package containing personal data of 115 million Pakistani mobile users for $2.1m in bitcoin’

Details of 44m Pakistani mobile users leaked online, part of bigger 115m cache, zdnet reported.

The personal information of about 44 million Pakistani mobile phone users was leaked online this week. The incident was reported a few days after a data dumping of 115 million Pakistani mobile users was found for sale on the dark web.

The data sets of both copies have been obtained. The information of 55 million users, that was taken out from the data dump of 115 million users, is the same as the information leaked earlier this week.

The hacked personal information contains the full name of the user, home address, CNIC numbers, landline numbers, dates of subscription, and mobile phone numbers.

After the data heist was reported, it was found that the details of companies matched public records and public phone numbers listed on websites. The validity of the leaked data was also checked.

Based on the subscription dates, the oldest entries in the leaked file are from the year 2013. It suggests that either the breach took place in 2013 or the hackers got their hands on an old backup file.

The majority of the phone numbers leaked belonged to Jazz, formerly called Mobilink. But, phone numbers belonging to other telecom operators were also identified.

What is the dark web?

How was the data of Pakistani users leaked?

It is still unsure where this data was leaked from. It could either be from Jazz itself, a Jazz partner, or a telemarketing firm of any government organization. Although Jazz previously said that the data came from its servers, a spokesperson for the company did not reply to any comments regarding the matter.

The breach is under investigation. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) are aggressively probing the data theft ever since it was first reported in the last month.

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  • We should actually sue Mobilink for this huge data breach. This is not something we should let go.

    • In US over the last 3-4 years VA, Athena health, Experian all suffered data breaches of millions of citizens, and no one has been held accountable, this is a huge problem world over.

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