VIDEO: Hadiqa Kiani and Turkish singer Ali Tolga collaborate for a song to honour Kashmiri martyrs

The song is dedicated to Kashmiri martyrs and also those who were a affected by the ‘failed’ coup attempt in Turkey in the year 2016.

Hadiqa has recently collaborated with a singer from Turkey named Ali Tolga to pay tribute to the Kashmiri martyrs and the victims of the ‘failed’ coup attempt in Turkey in the year 2016.

The song, title translated as ‘everlasting or eternal spring’, is a mixture of both Turkish and Urdu, and Kiani seems to be an expert at both.

It starts with the line that goes: ‘in the everlasting memory of our martyrs: July 13, 1931, Kashmir Martyr’s Day, July 15, 2016, Failed Turkish Coup Attempt.’

The official video of the song is worth all the appreciation. It covers the beauty of the Indian-occupied Kashmir with its snow-covered peaks. It also shows the plight of the Kashmiris along with the failed coup in Turkey. Scenes from the meeting of the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Turkish President are also included in the video to make it complete.

Daimi Bahar is beautifully hear-touching and has been sung in a way that makes one feel what the people of the valley are facing.

Hadiqa has raised her voice for Kashmir on multiple occasions. She believes that Kashmir conflict is a humanitarian issue and either you side with the ‘good or the evil.’

Watch the video here:

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  • Excellent beginning of joint collaboration in the media/film industry.

    Pakistan Turkey Zindabad.

  • lol they just fused two different videos shot at different places and in isolation. Not very impressive work. Mediocre and could have done better!

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