LISTEN HERE: Hadiqa Kiani pays tribute to Diriliş: Ertuğrul with a soothing and beautiful melody

It looks like Ertuğrul fever has spread to celebrities as well. The Turkish serial has made its way in the hearts of countless Pakistanis, who can’t help but obsess over the script and the cast.

Hadiqa Kiani seems to be a big fan of the series too. In 2005, she got the chance to sing a Turkish song Sen Algama at the AKM Opera House. She has revamped that melody and used it to pay tribute to everyone’s favorite, Diriliş: Ertuğrul.

Hadiqa Kiani has an emotional attachment to Turkey because her ancestors are from Izmir. She believes that Turkey and Pakistan have a very strong bond that is unmatched since the country has stood by Pakistan through thick and thin.

As a child, she represented her homeland in the International Children’s Festival in Turkey. And as an adult, she sang this Turkish song as a response to which, she got a lot of appreciation and a standing ovation from the audience. She considers the song to be a message of love between the two countries.

Kiani believes that Ertuğrul has strengthened the relationship between the two nations. She is the first-ever singer to have sung a song in Turkish, however, she believes she isn’t ‘the last one to do so’.

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