WATCH: Meet Pakistan’s Hadiya Hashmi whose singing left Sonu Nigam in tears

Hadiya Hashmi is a young Pakistani singer who became famous after her first appearance in Nescafe Basement Season 5 song 'Bol Hu'.

Indian singer Sonu Nigam became emotional while listening to Pakistan’s young rock star Hadiya Hashmi.

In his latest vlog, Sonu was listening to the Nescafe Basement’s hit song Bol Hu and expressed how awestruck he was by Hadiya’s song and vocals.

“It has been a while since anything has touched my soul like this! What a song, what lyrics, what composition!” Nigam said in the video.

Hadiya Hashmi is a young Pakistani singer who became famous after her first appearance in Nescafe Basement‘s Season 5 song ‘Bol Hu’. The song was published on YouTube on the 1st of February 2019.

Being an eight-year-old kid, she inspired a huge number of music lovers through her God-Gifted ability to sing amazingly high notes while being equally good at low notes. After the “Bol Hu” video was published on YouTube, it went viral across many countries, especially in Pakistan and India.


Hadiya’s family lives in Lahore. She is a fifth-class student in a local school. Her father is a tailor by profession.

The young singer expressed in a TV interview that at the age of six, she told her father that she wanted to learn music formally. Realizing Hadiya’s talent and passion for music, her father took her to a local music teacher Zia-ul-Haq, who runs a music academy named “Sur Tall Academy.”

Nine students of ‘Sur Tall Academy’ performed in Nescafe Basement season 5, and Hadiya was one of them.

Hadiya has been receiving formal training in classical music, and she practices in the “Sur Taal Academy” three hours a day. Speaking about her passion, her teacher Zia told a TV Channel that she never gets tired no matter how long the training session goes.

Hadiya said that she is a big fan of legendary Pakistani singer Madam Noor Jehan and she started singing after listening to her songs.

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