‘World’s Richest Cricket Board’ Just Used Hair Dryer To Dry The Pitch and Twitter Can’t Handle it

The match was later on called off due to a wet outfield.

Do you remember how Pakistan used an army helicopter to dry the wet outfield during a Pakistan Super League game in Lahore? Well, you surely do if you’re are a cricket fan.

As they say, there is a craft in daubing but that’s exactly what the ground staff in India didn’t know. The heavy downpour before the first T20 between India and Sri Lanka caused a delay in the start of the game.

In order to get the pitch ready for the match, the ground staff at the Barsapara Cricket Stadium in Guwahati brought out hair dryers to dry the wet patches on the pitch. This doesn’t end here, even a steam iron was also used to get the job done.

Of all the bizarre things we have seen over the years in cricket, this surely takes the cake. That’s why, Twitter didn’t miss a chance to do what it does best i.e trolling.

Here’s How Twitter Reacted:

Fans waiting to watch the enthralling encounter could only witness the toss as rain, yet again, spoiled the party. The match was later on called off due to a wet outfield.

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