Hamid Mir loses 200k followers after PM Imran Khan unfollows him



  • Prime Minister Imran Khan unfollows Hamid Mir in an interesting twist today. 

  • Following the PM, Hamid Mir loses 200k followers. 

  • PTI supporters start to follow the trend #UnfollowHamidMir.


Veteran journalist Hamid Mir has been reportedly unfollowed by Prime Minister Imran Khan on the social networking site Twitter.

As the details indicate, the journalist has been continuously subjecting the incumbent government to severe criticism over the arrest of co-chairman of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Asif Ali Zardari. Although his political opinions aside, he was noticed resorting to personal attacks against PM Imran Khan in one of his TV shows on Geo News.

While debating on Daily Mail’s accusations against Shehbaz Sharif, Mir asked Dr. Shahbaz Gill if the article published about PM Khan’s ex-wife and daughter in the same paper can be deemed authentic as well.

Among all, the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf government has been rigidly criticized for media censorship. On the other hand, the government has refuted all these allegations, saying that the media is free.

Hamid Mir also subjected PM to the criticism on similar subjects recently, following his visit to the US. Mir said that while Khan answered all the questions quite impressively, he failed to respond satisfactorily on questions regarding media freedom.

What was the most asked question to Imran Khan in the US? It was about censorship on media our PM spoke very well on many issues but failed to give satisfactory answers on questions about media he is helping his enemies by fighting with media,” Mir tweeted.

Mir previously had 6m followers, 3m were fake (Twitter Audit Report):


According to Twitter Audit report, 3 million among Mir’s 6 million followers were fake. After Prime Minister Imran Khan unfollowed the veteran journalist, who was the only media person he followed on Twitter, PTI supporters started the trend #UnfollowHamidMir, urging each other to follow in Khan’s steps.

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