Hamza Ali Abbasi Criticizes ‘Desi Liberals’ and Calls Them Hypocritical – Here Is How People Reacted

Some particular individuals and topics in Pakistan repeatedly find their way back to the centre of controversy and no, it’s not Aamir Liaquat this time.
Two on the lengthy list is Hamza Ali Abbasi and liberalism. And when both of them are put into one place, there is nothing but chaos!

Liberalism is perceived as something associated to the western culture and is quite unwelcomed in Pakistan while Hamza Ali Abbasi, due to his opinions and audacity to loudly speak them tends to garner a lot of unnecessary attention and reaction. Representing Khan on multiple platforms, Hamza’s political affiliations clearly lie with PTI and he has taken the stage to defend the party when needed and on any occasion, if he doesn’t agree to it, he is fearless in condemning it as well.

Hamza took to Twitter taking a dig at ‘desi liberals’ saying that the same people who criticize Imran Khan and call him pro-Taliban or precisely, Taliban Khan, are now defending Manzoor Ahmed Pashteen. Manzoor is an activist from South Waziristan and is the leader of Pashtun Tahafuz movement. The movement has been condemned for including anti-Army slogans that are threatening state and its institution’s sovereignty. The public has been divided over it – while a segment of the people say that they stand with Army, a significant portion supports the movement saying their demands are legitimate.

Hamza further pointed out the hypocrisy, improvising that the liberals in Pakistan are quite unaware of the true connotation of the terms and have dual-standards that adjust with their own requirements. Here is what Hamza had to say:

The tweet, of course, met an overwhelming response and people were similarly fearless in voicing their opinions. Here is what the Twitter community has to say:



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