Hamza Ali Abbasi reveals whether he will vote for PTI or not

The renowned actor has been a staunch supporter of PM Imran Khan

Hamza Ali Abbasi addressing a PTI JalsaHamza Ali Abbasi is one of the many Pakistani celebrities who support the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). The renowned actor is part of the PTI for a long time now.

He actively used to participate in the PTI rallies across the country and campaigned for PM Imran Khan. Hamza Abbasi has rarely been seen with the Prime Minister ever since the PTI came into power.

Following the soaring inflation in the country, some of the supporters of the ruling party has turned against it. Many fans of the actor are also wondering whether the Pyarey Afzal star still supports PTI.

A Twitter user asked Hamza Ali Abbasi, if he still supports PTI. Furthermore, he also urged the actor to raise his voice against the government. Abbasi replied that he is “evaluating their performance and will see by the end of their term whether i should vote for them or not.”

He added that their performance is 50/50, stating that there are things which are good such as the ‘foreign policy but other things not so good like inflation.’

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  • If the alternatives are PTI, PMLN, PPP, JUI, JI, etc, then any sane person can only go for PTI.

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