Why is Hamza Ali Abbasi asking you to ''cancel your Netflix subscription'' with him?

Netflix recently came under fire for accommodating the release of the 2020 French drama film Cuties on its streaming service. Ever since the compromising visuals from the film. went viral on social media, the audience and subscribers have been criticizing the video streaming platform for playing an enormous role in the inappropriate portrayal of the sexualization of 11-year-old girls.

Many took to Twitter to voice their disapproval and disgust. While the hashtag #CancelNetflix trended #1 across social media, emails were flooded with petitions to stop the movie launch and cancel Netflix.

Hamza Ali Abbasi jumped on the bandwagon too and voiced his disappointment. The actor took to Twitter to share his views on the matter:

Despite global condemnation, Netflix still went ahead and released CUTIES! Yup, now we have softcore pedo porn on a mainstream media platform. That\’s a deal-breaker for me.

Hamza\’s disgust followed with a suggestion. He asked all Netflix users to cancel their subscriptions to show their strong distaste to the media service provider. Having done the same himself, Hamza Ali Abbasi said:

I can\’t do much, but what I can do is cancel my Netflix subscription. Maybe YOU SHOULD TOO!

It should be noted that the film, Cuties, was initially released in France. The director of Cuties, Maimouna Doucoure, said:

After I attended a neighborhood gathering in Paris, where I saw 11-year-olds perform a “very sexual, very sensual” dance, the film\’s idea came to me.

The coming of age movie follows the journey of a Muslim girl, Amy, played by Fathia Youssouf, trying to find her place growing up in a poor suburb of Paris. The story shifts when the young girl finds herself getting friendly with a dance troupe. The next series of events show how Amy struggles with life as she defies her conservative family\’s strict rules.

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  • I think the tweet from Hamza has given more publicity to the movie. No one knew the movie or might not have get the publicity at all.

  • I have already cancelled my netflix subscription and I appeal to others to do the same! this is a disgusting example of exploitation.

  • What a cheap idea came in director’s mind, it shows his poor thinking. Pity on him, no respect for woman

  • Sextualized imagery of preteen girls is not just wrong but disgusting and a sign of societal degradation as well.

  • میں اس فلم کے حق میں تو نہیں ہوں مگر پاکستانیوں کے ڈبل سٹنڈرڈ کے کیا کہنے ، اپنے ،،،منٹو،،،جیسے پورن رائٹر کو ادب کہتے ہیں اور اس میں جو دکھایا گیا وہ منٹو کے پاس سے بھی نہی گزرتا ،پر تنقید دوسروں پر پورا حق ہے ہمارا

    • جتنا ،،،گند ،،، منٹو نے کہا اور لکھا ہے یہ فلم بھی اس سے ملتی جلتی ہے شائد منٹو نے بھی ایسے ہے جوانی کے ادوار بیان کیے ہیں اور پاکستانیوں نے اسے ادب کا نام دیا ہے ،اس کو شائد منافقت کہ سکتے ہیں

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