Hamza Ali Abbasi Tries To Take A Dig On Pakistan’s Renowned Physicist – Meets A Harsh Public Reaction

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s blunt and unfiltered opinions have often made him the centre of controversy across social media. This is just one of those events.

Pervez Amirali Hoodbhoy, a renowned Pakistani nuclear physicist and activist expressed on Twitter saying that while Pakistan is arguing on whether or not to celebrate valentine’s day, Space X launched world’s most powerful rocket into space.

He ironically commented saying that this reflects what a ‘great’ nation we are, criticizing where our priorities lie and why we are lagging behind. Here’s what he said that offended Abbasi:

On his comments, Abbasi tried to dig on him with a somewhat absurd response. He suggested that he should focus more on his work rather than spending all this time on the debate with moulvis.


Hamza’s inappropriate response has ignited Pakistani as how he can openly criticize someone who happens to be a master in his field. His comments undoubtedly are disrespectful and have been furiously reacted to by the people.

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Some of them have been quite neutral while others have rigidly told him to focus on his ‘work’ and excel in it i.e acting.
Here are some of the responses that Hamza’s tweet met with:

People weren’t very unforgiving as well. They told him to focus on his work and said that if he dedicatedly worked in the field he is in, Pakistan’s cinema industry would’ve progressed.



Some also told him that it isn’t necessary to criticize everything. Sometimes, it’s okay to just let it go.

People pointed hypocrisy in his statement as well.

He clearly missed the entire point. The purpose was to highlight our misplaced priorities NOT to ask moulvis to make rockers, respectfully.

Well, Hamza did come up with his response/clarification, that according to people only made it worse for him.



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