Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Exclusive Interview To Siasat.pk

Pakistan heartthrob, Hamza Ali Abbasi needs no introduction when it comes to acting. Initiating his career in drama industry and then contributing to Pakistan’s film industry at the time of its revival, Abbasi has gained an immense following.
He also worked as a director. Hamza has always been very vocal about his political views. He came to the limelight as an avid supporter of Imran Khan when PTI planned out November 2 lockdown to highlight the Panama Case.
He repeatedly kept clarifying on his social media platforms that he isn’t a part of Imran Khan’s campaign to get a ticket, but because he is fulfilling his responsibility towards this country.
He said that we all should do whatever is in our capacity to stop corruption from becoming a norm.

He became a part of PTI’s campaign and continued working as a dedicated worker. He was later appointed as the Culture Ambassador of PTI, from which he resigned after a while.

He said as an actor; his upcoming movie has some scenes that do not portray the culture of this country. So he detached himself from his position but still extends all his support to PTI.
Hamza is always one of the first people to bring social issues to attention, discuss the political scenario and to defend PTI in times of needs through his social media.

Hamza is actively seen as a part of PTI’s protests and campaigns, but what is that motivates this star-studded actor to leave his comfort and be a part of this struggle?
To know what motivates him to follow Imran Khan and what he thinks Khan possesses that makes him an agent of change, watch Siasat.pk’s exclusive talk with Hamza Ali Abbasi here:

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