Hamza Firdous defends his father for his controversial remarks about Mahira Khan

  • The senior actor who gave the sexist comments has yet to respond to his comments about the female actress.
  • Whatever his father said was just an opinion; Hamza Firdous.
  • Many require branding, marketing, and surgeries to stay top-notch, says Hamza.
Hamza Firdous extends support to his father and said that whatever he said about the actress was just an opinion – photo source Mahira Khan Twitter page

Veteran actor Firdous Jamal is all set to hit the headlines of media outlets after he passed the controversial remarks about the lead Pakistani female actress Mahira Khan. Celebs from across the media also took to social media sites in support of the actress in their personal capacity and voiced that misogynist and chauvinistic remarks are unacceptable under the grab of personal opinion.

The senior actor who gave the sexist comments has yet to respond but his son has now jumped in a show of support to his father’s remarks saying that whatever his father said was just an opinion as he doesn’t hold any grudge against her.

Hamza Firdous who is an actor himself took to Twitter commenting that Firdoous Jamal has given 45 years of sweat and blood to this industry and that was even without social media.

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He didn’t stop saying this and showed his resentment adding that many require branding, marketing, and surgeries to stay top-notch.

About his father, he claimed: “This person doesn’t need to hold grudges! His work has proven him.”

In another Twitter post, Firdous Jamal’s son said: “And also we should not shove everything under the rug of chauvinism and misogyny. If he were a chauvinist by any standard, he wouldn’t have praised , , and in the same show.”

“I said in the same show that “ has represented us internationally, is a big name and I’m thankful that she is in our industry”. I and my dad have different opinions so what? Should we use the difference of opinion to address personal grudges?”, the actor continued.

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