Hania Aamir and Dananeer Mobeen under fire for latest video ‘feeding each other’ [VIDEO]

Here is how the public reacted to Hania and Dananeer's viral video.

Popular television actress Hania Aamir and viral sensation Dananeer Mobeen have lately been spending a lot of time together. The two celebrities have been in Karachi for quite a while now and are mostly seen at producer and director Shazia Wajahat and Wajaht Rauf’s place.

Hania and Dananeer’s intensifying friendship sparks controversy.

Recently, Hania, Dananeer, and many other celebrities were spotted enjoying their weekend in Karachi. The gang went out to try the food at different locations in the city.

A video of this day went viral on social media, and the netizens did not like it. In the video, Dananeer is sitting on Hania’s lap and being fed by the actress forcefully.

Here is the viral video:

The public took to the comment section to express their severe reaction to the video. Many termed it as cringeworthy, while many called out the celebrities for overacting.

Here is how the public reacted to Hania and Dananeer’s viral video:

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  • I do not see any thing wrong in this, if they know each other and know the schedules of each other as well, that they do not mix with every one, following every precaution, then if they have kept these meetings for each other leave them alone, it was not a party it was just these two.

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