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Hania Aamir is a popular actress who has garnered quite a following in such a small spa. Be it her breakup or viral video clips, she doesn’t stay out of the spotlight for long.

One thing Pakistani celebrities are known for is their lavish birthday parties. Often, they are even criticized for hosting such ‘high-end’ events.

Recently, Hania was spotted celebrating her birthday, and it was one star-studded party!

Popular faces like Ayesha Omar, Zoya Nasir, Aiman Khan, etc. also attended her birthday. The actress, herself, wore a simple black dress and looked happy celebrating the event with her friends.

We have gathered all the exclusive pictures from the event for you, take a look!

Hania Aamir’s birthday bash:

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While she has received a lot of positive feedback, many people are taking a jab at Hania Aamir’s birthday party. The public doubts that the actress is actually 25, with some saying that she has been turning this age for the past five years.

Netizens criticize Hania Aamir for celebrating 25th birthday

Who is Hania Aamir?

Hania made her debut in the movie Janaan, in a supporting role. She has also won awards for her ground-breaking acting. However, her breakthrough came after she starred in Titli.

Aamir also featured as the female lead in Na Maloom Afraad 2, and Parwaaz Hai Junoon. She appeared in Anaa and Dilruba and won over the hearts of the people.

The actress was in the spotlight after her ‘not so private’ breakup with singer Asim Azhar. Months after the news of their breakup hit the internet, Aamir was spotted at the singer’s concert. During the concert, she seemed to be enjoying a casual night out with her friends and was singing along to the songs.

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