Hania Amir ‘Apologizes’ For Making Fun Of A Man Trying To Stay Out Of Her Picture

Hania Amir, the new face of Pakistani industry, has sparked a massive debate on social media. It is not the first time that a minor action of a celebrity has rose general public’s concerns, which to some extent, is justified as well.
Previously we have seen a doctor losing his job over one single tweet of a celebrity, contrary to that, Hania Amir’s act got mostly unnoticed and undiscussed unless one person pointed it out and initiated the discussion.

Hania posted a Snapchat that the guy behind her is constantly trying to avoid being in her picture and she was intentionally capturing him. The person was clearly uncomfortable and as Hania is a public figure and being on her social media means a million of people watching you. Not everyone is okay with it, which really needs to be respected.

She can also be seen laughing mockingly at his effort to stay out of the picture, which without an argument is quite offensive for a person.
Her act, which clearly is synonymous to invading privacy, was criticized by this individual who said that in case if the role was reversed and a guy was intentionally capturing a girl, it would’ve been most likely termed as harassment.
His tweet received a massive response.

Some feminists or pseudo feminists (we leave the decision up to you) came up with their theory of how the similar act is different if committed by a man or a woman.

Most people agreed that this is totally inappropriate and unacceptable, debating on how the situation would have been treated if a woman was the subject.

Some people still are totally unaware of her existence. Well, they aren’t now!

Other people also pointed out that these famous personalities are deluded as all they get 24/7 is praise and appreciation.



Following the controversy, Hania spoke to Express Tribune about it. She apologized and said that her intention wasn’t to offend anyone. She said that she is known for making funny videos and this was just another one of those videos. Here’s what she had to say:

Her intention might be to only share a laugh, however, people with following or influence need to be very considerate that none of their actions are offensive to anyone!

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