Harassment incident at the Pakistani Embassy in Rome, Italy – Head of Mission gets terminated

According to media reports, The Federal Ombudsman terminated a Pakistani diplomate residing in Italy on Saturday. The diplomat, Nadeem Riaz, has been terminated in the case of harassment of a female officer.

Who is Nadeem Riaz?

Nadeem Riaz is the Head of Mission at the Pakistani Embassy in Rome, Italy. He was involved in the harassment of a government officer Saira Imdad.

Harassment Incident Details

Saira Imdad, a Grade-20 officer in the Ministry of Commerce, filed a petition against the Pakistani diplomate in the Ombudsman’s court. Upon receiving the petition and hearing the complaint, the Federal Ombudsman issued the order to dismiss the diplomate from service.

The federal ombudsman also fined the culprit Rs. 5 million and directed the Foreign Ministry to implement the orders within the next seven days immediately.

Harassment of female employees in workplaces is growing extremely common worldwide. Relevant authorities must take exceptional measures to control this unacceptable behavior and allow women a chance to work freely.

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