Harbajhan and Yuvraj Singh Extend Support To Shahid Afridi Foundation & Indians Aren’t Happy

A Twitter trend, #ShameonYuviBhajji, was also initiated against them.

Two Indian cricketers, Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh, are shockingly getting criticized for extending support to the Shahid Afridi Foundation.

The two cricketers had posted messages of support on their social media accounts to the Pakistani legend for his humanitarian work during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Both the cricketers faced a severe backlash following their tweets. A Twitter user asked Harbajhan Singh to move to Pakistan if his heart beats for Pakistan despite gaining all the love and support from India.

Another user asked Harbajhan Singh whether he donated for the Indian government’s emergency fund for COVID-19 or was just asking to donate to Pakistan.

A Twitter trend, #ShameonYuviBhajji, was also initiated against them.

Following the backlash, Yuvraj Singh expressed his shock in another Tweet for getting slammed for trying to help the most vulnerable.

On the other hand, Harbajhan Singh also posted a video of his winning six in the Asia Cup against Pakistan to gain some love back. But that didn’t help either as people continued to bash him.


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