Following the backlash, Harbhajan Singh’s wife ‘clarifies’ why her husband supported Shahid Afridi foundation

Harbhajan didn’t reply to his critics, but his wife spoke up and defended husband.

Cricketer Harbhajan Singh’s wife, Geeta Basra, has broken her silence after her husband received backlash from Indians after he donated to Shahid Afridi’s foundation for the COVID-19 crisis.

While talking to a news outlet, she said that Harbhajan is patriotic and doesn’t like to be in a position where he has to explain an act of kindness. She added that he lives for India and will die for India.

‘’His country comes first. Every time he played cricket, he did so with his heart. Everyone knows what India means to him’’, she said.

She continued that this gesture was to help Afridi as both cricketers have been friends for years.

‘’They tried to spread the word to all their fans across the globe, inspiring more people to support his work of kindness’’, Geeta said.

She went on to say that we should keep religion out of this, as even the virus isn’t discriminating. They would have done the exact same thing if anyone from any other team, like West Indies or England, would’ve asked for help.

Not only Harbhajan, but Yuvraj Singh was also subject to criticism for supporting Afridi in his fight against COVID-19.

In a video, both players urged people to contribute and asked other cricketers to do the same. But Indians criticized them for offering help to Pakistanis. Yuvraj said that he didn’t understand how a message to help humanity got blown out of proportion.

‘’All I tried to do was to help people in our respective countries by providing healthcare’’, he said.

Harbhajan didn’t reply to his critics, but his wife spoke up and defended her husband.

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  • She is absolutely right, we all should support this Noble cause, well done Shahid Afridi and Harbhajin and Mrs Harbhajin

  • We should all appreciate this Noble cause, salute to Afridi, Harbhajin and her wife

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