Hareem Shah asks followers if they would want to see her hosting a Ramzan Transmission

Hareem rose to national prominence after her videos inside the Prime Minister's house went viral. 


TikTok star Hareem Shah has revealed that several TV channels have offered her to host a Ramzan transmission this year.

Once again, Hareem has become the talk of the town. People are criticizing TV channels as they don’t want to see her hosting any Islamic show because of her controversial past.

She asked her social media followers if they would want to see her host a Ramzan transmission. Here is what they said:

Hareem is a famous TikTok star. She rose to national prominence after her videos inside the Prime Minister’s office went viral.  Other than that, many of her videos with Pakistani politicians have been leaked on social media as well.

Hareem apologized to her viewers and said that from now on, she will live her life according to the teachings of Islam.

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    Lanat ho aise TV channel per aur us k malik per. Ab fahasha orten TV per Islam ka dars dengi ya Host banegi is programme ka jis mei bare bare ulma-a-Din ko bulaya jata hai.

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    Astgfar, phly Pak m Thory log Corona say mar Rahy hain. Jo ab apko TV p wo b ramzan transmission m Dekh k logo ny marna. Plz plzzzz plzzz yr, ramzan k nam ki he laaj Rakh lo. Jis Chanel p ap ap.Allah wo Chanel Kisi ko dikhna naseeb ye Na Kary

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    اللہ رب العزت کا واسطہ اب ایک طوائف ہوسٹ کرے گی اللہ مانو اللہ
    کے لئے کسی عالم بزرگ سے کرواو
    اللہ کا یہ غذاب کم ہے جو اور ہم پے مسلط کر رہے
    بیبی اگر معافی استغفار کرنا ہے تو گھر میں کرو اللہ سے معافی مانگو اور پردے میں رہو بس ہمیں بخش دو

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