Did Hareem Shah just slap Mufti Qawi in the latest viral video?

They are at it again!

"پیار سے ڈر نہیں لگتا حریم شاہ ! تھپڑ سے لگتا ہے"مفتی قویP.S I don't like violence but he truly earned it. Bring some popcorns, it's on repeat play

Posted by ‎منہا حیدر‎ on Monday, January 18, 2021

Mufti Qawi and Hareem Shah are centres of the controversy yet again!

In what appears to be a video of Shah and Qawi, the former can be seen slapping the latter.  The clips going viral on social media has garnered the attention of the internet community.

This is not the first time both of them have the topic of discussion. Previously a controversial video call of both was leaked online. In the recording, Qawi was telling Shah that he wants to meet her but cannot do it due to personal reasons.

No explanation has come forth from either of the parties involved about the latest leaked video scandal yet. However, the video was shared by Hareem Shah’s official account for the first time.

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