Haroon ur Rasheed Criticizes Mir Shakil And His Malicious Campaign Against Imran Khan

Using media outlets to gain personal and political benefits has unfortunately become a quite common sight in Pakistan. The trend that more than shameful is disappointing to witness reflects that the sold journalists can go to any extent to pursue underlying interests and shows the dauntingly declining quality of the media institutions.
One of the ugliest and despicable facets of journalism was evidently seen in Imran Khan’s case, where the filthy weapon of character assassination was used and manipulated to politically harm his repute.

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Famed journalist Haroon ur Rasheed also brutally bashed the same practice and its malign influence. Taking to Twitter, he criticized the planned organized campaign by Mir Shakil ur Rehman against Imran Khan, manipulating personal life affairs, being played at the hands of bigger political figures.

He further said that the strategy will soon against the creators of the controversy themselves, as the trend being set is unforgiving in its nature. He said that this endless trail of character assassination, whose precedent has been set by Mir Shakil, will have no conclusion.


He also targeted Rehman Khan and improvised that she is being as a pawn in political rivalry. He added that constant character assassination and personal attacks based on matters concerning an individuals’ private life will not slander Khan. If they had any impact, it would’ve been evident by now.

Here is what Haroon ur Rasheed said in his series of tweets:

People also expressed similar remarks that showed that they have rejected this redundant, low and shameful media trend as well. Here is what people had to say:


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