‘A Big Win’ – Lawyer Hassan Niazi’s exclusive interview with Siasat.pk after HISTORIC court ruling against Nestle

In April of 2018, a one-month-old infant died after consuming Nestle's formula milk.


The Lahore High Court has withdrawn the police report regarding Nestle Pakistan and ordered to start a criminal trial against the multinational company.

In April of 2018, a one-month-old infant died after consuming Nestle’s formula milk.

The father of the victim, Usman Bhatti, accused the food company of selling contaminated and poisoned formula milk.

The Human Rights Activist and Barrister, Hassaan Niazi, shared that the police’s report was termed forged and misrepresented by the court, and a trial has been launched against the firm.

Hassan Niazi also appreciated the efforts of Siasat.Pk for raising the issue since the beginning.

In an exclusive interview with Siasat.Pk, the human rights activist, explained the importance of the historic ruling, saying, “After the court’s orders, unprecedented circumstances have been created not only in Pakistan but in South Asia. It is a big win. This is the first time in history that any multinational company will face a criminal trial.”

Regarding the struggles the victim’s family and his law firm faced. Niazi said, “The police report absolutely favored Nestle, which showed the country’s poor law and order situation.”

Despite Bhatti was pressurized and threatened by the food giant multiple times during the three years, he stayed persistent and did not back off from the case.

Hassan added, “The Nestle MD will have to appear in court to face the criminal proceedings on the 9th of March 2021.”

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