‘Have you reflected, how many times you have disappointed the PM?’ A letter to Najeeb Haroon by his friend of 50 years


  1. Najeeb yes you are a founder member but if I would quote from Karachi their quite a few who were with the PM Imran Khan since he announced the launching of the party, like Jahangir Rehman, Imran Ismail, myself and many more. Can you deny the fact that you,Nazim Haji, Dr. Alvi and I took a joint decision to join Imran Khan at the new party? You and Nazim went to Lahore and I had to go to London for my mother’s treatment. How does it make a difference if we were founding members or not; to what where we are today? Does being a founding member entitle us to anything else other than respect? There are many founding members who have left, in fact in many ways harmed the party like Nazim Haji, Dr. Pervaiz Hassan, Dr. Farooq, Akber Babar, and there are others who may not see eye to eye with the Chairman but are still members of the party and continue their association the best example being Hamid Khan who I respect for his steadfastness and willing to take a position despite leading a viewpoint which is considered as the minority point of view.
  2. You are saying that you have lost the confidence in the Chairman/ PM, have you ever tried to find out why? Are all your actions perfect? Have you reflected, pondered how many times you have not come up to the expectation of the Chairman and that of the party over the years? Many of us including myself may not have come up to his expectations. He is the man we have trusted to lead the country and us and therefore we should support him and critique him where he is wrong. What we cannot do is leave him in these trying times.
  3. Please explain who has stopped you from contributing to your constituency, some of the major projects being funded by the Federal Government are in your constituency. Also, please identify what the PM should do so that MNA’S like yourself can work in their constituency; especially when you are an MNA who is in a province where the PPP is in power. You are an MNA who is resourceful, known, respected and very highly qualified. You are a person who today has all the time in the world to serve the people of Pakistan and that of Karachi in particular. You could and can become the face of Karachi in the same way as IK has become not only become the face of Pakistan but today he stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the great leaders of the current times especially after his address at the UN.
  4. When you have full faith in the PM, then why are you resigning? You should be strengthening him rather than creating an uproar by an untimely decision. Despite the fact, many of your colleagues requested you not to proceed with your resignation.
  5. By your very own statement as a founding member of the party, should all the MNAS elected from PTI also resign if they say they cannot perform? Sir what is the role of an MNA other than to legislate, serve on the standing Committees, give his input in all possible forums. Sir has anyone tried to muzzle you. Have you been stopped from performing your duties?
  6. Sir, did you consult your electorate before you resigned?
  7. Sir, did you consult the workers of the party who worked tirelessly for you without any expectation of any reward before you took the decision? Sir do you not feel bad about betraying the trust they put in you? They expected you to support their leader through thick and thin, is your resignation not a negation of their expectations?
  8. It is very surprising that you do not trust the leader and are disappointed with your role in the party while you should for the record please put all the contributions you have made to the party. Since we do not want you to leave the party nor resign, I will refrain from recording them here.
  9. You have quoted the example of the prophet where loyalty and faithfulness should be the prime criteria, sir I think you should read the books of seerat. For the record just see, how many Ansars were given positions of responsibility? The prophet gave positions to people who were the children of the worst of his enemies. I would not like to mention any names here to stir any new controversy. I disagree with you vehemently the prophet has openly proposed merit as the main criteria for selection. Taqwa was the main criterion in his decision-making. Look at Salman e Farsi, Ammar, look at Bilal, Abdur Rehaman look at Maula Ali, look at Hazrat Usman e Ghani, Saad bin Abee Waqas, read about the great Ghazwas who was commander when. Look at the delegations the prophet sent to various kingdoms and rulers of the era and who was made head of the delegations. Are you aware that Zaid the son-in-law of Hazrat Umar was Muslim before the Caliph himself but look at the position given to Hazrat Umar in comparison to Hazrat Zaid and the daughter of Hazrat Umar who was also supporting the prophet before they were instrumental in converting Hazrat Umar? Sir this is the history of Islam the legacy of prophet please read before you make statements, which may not be fully correct.
  10. You have suggested a methodology for selecting people to positions of power through a public hearing. I would suggest something different. The selection of the person should be the choice of the Captain himself and then before they assume office objections can be invited from the public or they can go for confirmation as is done in the USA through approval from standing committee, which is relevant.
  11. Lastly, you have talked about accountability yes as Muslims we will be all held accountable and I fully subscribe that people who the Ummah/nation look up to will be held more accountable for their actions than ordinary people. Therefore, we have to maintain the highest level of integrity.
  12. You have suggested that one should use wisdom, mature advice, humility and loyalty. Sir, I have known you for nearly 50 years, many of us who I have mentioned above have been in the party with you over all these years did you follow what you are preaching yourself. When many of us approached, you how easily brushed aside our arguments that today with a heavy heart I have to write this rejoinder.


For the record, Najeeb and I go back 50 years we came to know each other in DJ Science College in 1971. Our families have known each other and we have maintained constant contact, I respect him for his achievements, for being a self-made person, who has been there to support his whole family, friends and party workers. 

His contribution in the early years was immense but due to pressures, which could be business or personal, he could not devote the time and effort which people like Dr. Arif Alvi, Jahangir Rehman, Imran Ismail, Samar Khan and many more were putting. 

He has been recognized as the founding member by IK and the party on all major occasions by giving him a place of honor. 

I am sure the whole party and its cadre respect him and honor him, however, we also feel that it is not a bequeathing person who is held in high esteem to take the action he has taken. 

The sole purpose of this rejoinder is to force him to take back his resignation and continue to serve the party in the best way he can without fear or favor. With one last request that he should not accept any ministerial assignment after taking back his resignation otherwise all his actions would be in futility.

This rejoinder has not been prompted by anyone so please do not speculate.

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