Hazara girl, who fled Pakistan to save her life, wins scholarship at Harvard

Fleeing her own country, escaping prosecution in Pakistan, Sana Batool has won a scholarship at the prestigious Harvard. Hailing from Quetta, Batool is the first-ever Hazara native to be conferred with Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans in Medicine from Harvard Medical School.

Despite the hardships they have faced, forcing them to leave their own homes to save their lives, the achievement alone shows the resilience the peaceful continues to show. Easily identified due to their distinct facial features and sectarian identity, Pakistan’s Hazara community has faced the wrath of persecution, genocide and target killing.

After unlocking the achievement, Batool wants to get her professional degree and serve the Hazara community in the field of medicine and health.

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After the unrest in Quetta that turned the world of Hazaras upside down, Sana Batool and her family left Pakistan saving their lives and settled in America in 2013. 2013-14 was the most difficult year for Quetta’s persecuted Hazara community, as they faced over 75 cases of targetted attacks during his period alone.

Her life in the new country had many challenges for her as well. When she joined the school in New York, she struggled with the language as she was not fluent in English. She took extra classes to improve her skills. With commuting for hours for her BA in Biochemistry classes, Batool also dedicated her time to sew clothes to make ends meet for her family.

With having five published articles in the field of Biochemistry in her name, Sana has won countless awards that speak for her calibre. She has secured Harvard Medical School Dean’s Reach scholarship, 2019 Jonas E. Salk Scholar, Excellence in civic engagement and commitment award at Lehman College, St. George’s Society scholar, Sigma Xi.

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