Activist slams HBL for its regressive and shockingly discriminatory policy against women

The columnist added, "We all need to expose commercial banks who are violating Pakistan's constitution''.

HBL women discrimination A women rights activist, anchorperson, and columnist, Dr.Arfana Mallah, has criticized the Habib Bank of Pakistan for its discriminatory and derogatory policy towards women.

Sharing the incident, Dr.Arfana Mallah, tweeted, “Today, I applied for a Credit Card in the HBL bank. It requires two references, I gave names of my female colleagues, and the banker told me that only male references are acceptable. I inquired, is there any policy or document you have about it, he refused to share but said it is the policy of the bank.”

The columnist added, “We all need to expose commercial banks who are violating Pakistan’s constitution, where all citizens are equal. What is the policy of the state bank, why is a commercial bank discriminating based on gender? Is it the policy of all banks or only the HBL is doing this if so, the commercial bank is insulting the women of Pakistan.”

After the tweets went viral on social media, the bank contacted Dr. Arfana to explain its policy. She tweeted, “Today, the HBL approached me and told me that there is a policy regarding women’s reference. I suggested to them to display it at the entry point of every branch, to stop this misinterpretation of the law of evidence. It’s good the HBL cleared their stance.”

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  • Bhense ki ankh is aunty ko b fitna chahye hota hai Feminist jo hai ab isko is pr b masla hogaya

  • فارغ لوگوں کو بس ذرہ سا موضوع مل جائے ، رائی کا پہاڑ یہ بنانا خوب جانتے ہیں۔
    سود میں لین دین ان کے لیے ٹھیک ہے اور عورت کو جس کی گواہی اسلام میں مرد کے مقابلے میں آدھی ہے تو کیسے یہ کہہ سکتے ہیں مرد اور عورت برابر ہے؟

  • Ye to kuch b nahi maam
    UBL ki badmashian ap ne nahi daikhi abhi
    Aese phansate ik bande ko k chakra k teh jata banda
    Me ne b credit card lia tha us pe b mjhe itna zaleel kia gaya
    Jab tang aa k block krwane laga to branch kahe helpline pe bat kren help line bat kro to kahen branch k throuh application dain
    Jb application ho gyi then NOC na dain jis k bare me bank kehta k 24-48 hours me mil jati r mjhe 1 month laga
    Wo b jab me ne dhamki di k me banking mohtasib jaon ga to u cant believe k sunday wale din me ne dhamki di monday ki subah 9:30 mjhe call aa gayi r jb daikha usi din ki type n signed hoi thi
    Yehi nahi in ki badmashion ki dastan bhut lambi ha
    Pr yahan koi nahi sunta

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