HCP & Siasat.PK’s Exclusive Interview of Muhammad Azam Khan Swati

No doubt that even before joining PTI, Azam Khan Swati was a recognized Parliamentarian known to fight corruption and lawlessness. The famous Hajj scandal of 2010, where he consistently pursued his counterpart in the National Assembly, is one known example of it. Though the persecution of corruption eventually led him to loose his own seat as a Minister of Science and Technology, but he remained steadfast towards his principles.

He remains the only parliamentarian of his times who refused to accept any regular pay and perks of his accord.

He disburses his salary to charity and uses his own car and residence.

Due to his unwavering commitment to rule of law and eradication of corruption, he soon reached to a level of distinction in PTI. He was chosen the President for KPK in PTI.

He is also known for being a strong voice for Hazara Province.

 The Interview with Siasat.pk

As he is well known for raising his voice for the Hazara Province, from where he belongs, he is a prominent figure among the populace of the region. Therefore, for this particular interview, Siasat.pk joined hands with HCP (Hazara.Com.Pk) to share questions and resources for the event. Mr. Swati visited the office of HCP and there we had our chance to pose the questions we had from him from our audience.

We received questions from around the globe for him, but due to the limitations of time, we only selected the top 40 of them. Not to mention, the most fiery questions, off course. However, we were not expecting that Mr. Azam Khan Swati will come well prepared for these, with documents in hand to show as he gave references.

We remain cordially thankful to Mr. Azam Khan Swati for returning our call with a positive response and HCP for sharing their resources. Nonetheless, we remain equally thankful to our audience who sent us meaningful questions for the interview.

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