‘He forced me to sleep with his friends on our honeymoon’: Karishma Kapoor’s shocking revelations about her ex-husband

Karishma also blamed Sunjay for living with another woman and said his mother supported all his wrongdoings.

The famous Bollywood actress Karishma Kapoor once revealed that her ex-husband Sunjay Kapur auctioned her on their honeymoon night. She stated that her life after marriage changed utterly.

After her breakup with actor Abhishek Bachchan, with whom she was engaged to get married, the diva tied the knot with businessman Sunjay Kapur in an arranged marriage. However, within a few years since they got married, problems started brewing between them.

The Biwi No.1 actress shared a disturbing story of their honeymoon. She said during their honeymoon, her ex-husband (Sunjay) forced her to sleep with his friends.

However, when she said ‘NO,’ he beat her up and even quoted her price to one of his friends. She also alleged that Sanjay was not conceding with financial responsibilities.

To that, Sunjay also reasoned that Karishma married him only for money. Karishma and Sunjay got married in 2003. After 11 years of their marriage, the Bollywood actress filed for divorce in 2014, after which they parted ways.

Their divorce was ugly, with both Karishma and Sunjay leveling hateful allegations against each other. Kapoor also filed a dowry harassment case against Sunjay and his mother, Rani.

Moreover, during one of the court hearings for the case, Karishma made a startling allegation against Sunjay. She claimed that once her mother-in-law gifted her a dress, she couldn’t fit into the dress because she was pregnant. Seeing that, Sunjay asked his mother to hit her. Karishma said that Sunjay looked at his mother and told her, “Why don’t you just slap her (Karishma)?”

Karishma also blamed Sunjay for living with another woman and said his mother supported all his wrongdoings. The actress reasoned that Sunjay was still in a physical relationship with his first wife when they married.

Karishma and Sunjay were legally fighting to get the custody of both children. They were granted divorce in 2016, with the former getting custody of their kids.

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